Otherwise, I would have looked at it, and read off all the numbers on it. And present themselves with an otherwise valid looking logo, part , etc. I do not know why they think another tool will not work for this. So, anything that is bought outside of Xilinx distribution, or from a non-Xilinx maker, is their problem, not ours. And, even if there is something patented in there, or a trade secret, it isn’t likely anyone here is going to get excited.

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Can you find the manual? Bob, We do not consider them “theives. And present themselves with an otherwise valid looking logo, partetc.

In fact, they assured me that no other model of programming tool would work. I was not able to find anything on eBay searched for “xilinx dlc10” and got nothing.

You are not charged extra fees for comments in your code. The original “Platform USB” had several variant: Attack of the clones.

I am not really an expert on the Xilinx tools, but I have some hardware here that needs to be reprogrammed, and I am told by the designers of the hardware that I need a Xilinx DLC10 to do that. If they leave the serial numbers on them, we know where they came from, and who we sold them to.

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Thank you for the help!

Xilinx Platform Cable USB | eBay

Not sure there is anything in these pods that is patented. I’ll repeat in case you didn’t see my posts above.

I only mentioned eBay becasue they often have older, and used equipment for sale. We have detected your current browser version is not the latest one. You’ll see DLC10 mention in the datasheet and the picture I xolinx above. If they are considered thieves, then I will not promote them in these forums.

Platform Cable USB II

Are the software UI and cable connections similar enough that they should be able to walk me through xilnx based on their DLC10 setup? If they invent new serial numbers, we know they are bogus, and re-marked. Is there a newer model that can operate just like a DLC10?

Thanks for the help!

Xilinx Platform Cable USB II DLC10 JTAG Emulator Programmer

It is replaced by a newer one from Xilinx, or Avnet, or your local Xilinx distributor. But, no one has ever cloned anything we have made in the silicon realmas that is just crazy hard impossible. Do Xilinx tolerate the cable cloners, or do Xilinx consider them IP thieves who are stealing food from the family table so to speak? There is some interesting literature there on remarks, reconditioned, and other items which run the gamut from surplus to obvious fakes.

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Xilinx Platform Cable USB II Dlc10 Serial Xu-46072

Where to xillinx DLC10 or equivalent? Have you read the manual? Do not post the same question on multiple forums. This last category of counterfeiting is zilinx serious problem, and one we actively work to suppress as it reflects poorly on our superior reliability record. ChromeFirefoxInternet Explorer 11Safari. Even though it is unsupported by us, we will often end up spending our time, and money on these tools like I am doing right now. Perhaps because they have not tried it?

I just xilnx they popped up in a goodle search for the cable number. After all, if they are programming Xilinx devices, they must have bought them from us At the very least, if I run into any trouble, it will be harder for them to help me remotely if the software, driver, or hardware connections are different in any way from their setup.