January 14, 2019


Hello, I have never installed sonicwall client before and things were working fine. After that installing as described in the article fixed the issue. In reply to Brent. I had to keep uninstalling and reinstalling to get it working again. This means when you connect you are not allowed to function independently of the VPN connection. Brilliant, had to do the registry entry to get it to work. I’ve uninstalled both the cisco client and the sonicwall client, cleaned up temp files and removed the left over program files, reboot and then follow the instructions you’ve posted to a T, however I keep coming back to the same problem.

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When the major windows update rolled out last night, it beheaded my VPN Client installation.

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I remember the WinFix program at one point or another but not sure it was used this time. I don’t think I’d tried the winfix step before, but this is now working for me on Otherwise it will keep telling you “This app can’t run on this PC”.


Didn’t run into any problems either during cirrix. Anyone else experience similar issues? Here’s what I had to do: For me, it only caused my Win10 system to take 15 minutes to log in. Oh, and VPN software cannot be uninstalled anymore. I’ve been trying to get this to work for about the past 3 hours.

I agree with CarlosRPEvertsz after mess up a lot with clean machine windows 10 I thought I would come back to windows 8.

How to fix Citrix DNE Installation and Other Issues

Changing the display name in registry really dnf the trick for me. I had to keep uninstalling and reinstalling to get it working again. I get Reason On the run dneupdate64 step, I get this: I am dbe this works for some of you. If you think you are having this issue, try the following: I really appreciate you posting this fix. You will need to access this to disconnect from your session upon completion. Could this help explaining this?

Others may have figured it out, but I think Windows dnd users who upgraded from Windows 8. I just auto upgraded from 8. I had to remove all previous copies of sonicwall, cisco vpn client and pcf files.


Thank youthe trick works perfect. Just be sure to uninstall any DNE before installing Sonicwall. I have a Dell running windows I uninstalled the Cisco VPN first, and rebooted. Once the file has been imported, click Connect. After making the change in the registry and reboot it worked like a charm. I couldn’t run the Cisco installer from the. Uninstalled any DNE that was installed before I followed the steps above.

Talk citrx a life saver.

Install Cisco VPN Client on Windows 7/8.1/10

Posted by Will at 6: You can download the bit version of the Sonicwall client from the same link I have above. Any thoughts on why I get the reason error?

I’m continually getting the reason code.