When the load is increased to 1A, the voltage falls somewhat to about 4. Instant Download Volume 7: There was one important thing that television could offer over radio work; money. Volume 13 – 65 shows – total playtime 47 hours 30 minutes. From the graph, it seems to show a positive excursion of about mV, and a negative excursion of mV. Testing of the power bank was performed using the standard new test rig which all the other power banks have been tested with.

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Volume 21 – ,ystery shows – total playtime 36 hours 54 minutes. The reviews meter the delivered energy, so if I say that a given power bank has a usable output of mAh, that means the power bank emits the equivalent of mAh at 3. In light of this, the result is still quite good.

The CBS Radio Mystery Theater

Once the load is increased further to 2A, the voltage actually increases slightly to about 4. Lifting out the cardboard, we see that even the bottom is not free of self-praising print. MP3 CD Volume 5: Proudly powered by WordPress. May 31, at 7: Appearing in a radio drama required just a couple rehearsals and then remaining as quiet as possible in the studio, following along in the script until time to perform your lines, which you also read from the script.

Unfortunately, while the Anker was able to do well or excel in the other parameters, the ripple voltage performance is somewhat poor in comparison. Volume 5 – 55 shows – total playtime 41 hours 4 minutes.

Volume 24 – 44 shows – total playtime 32 hours 55 minutes. Upon opening the box, you are greeted with a mydtery you message on the inside lid.


Review, Teardown: Anker PowerCore+ (A) QC Power Bank | Gough’s Tech Zone

Volume 25 – 63 shows – total playtime 48 hours 22 minutes. May 30, at As far as I know; I was mystwry only year old in my entire middle school who listened to the program, because I remember our grade 7 English teacher, nearly passed out to learn that the only student who knew what CBSRMT was ME, her worst and least favourite student.

Instant Download Volume The output current stabilizer feature is … well … still a mystery to me because the current really depends on the demand of the connected device, rather than the power bank. The rear has the Qualcomm QC2.

The CBS Radio Mystery Theater | Old Time Radio

Yeah, a better comparison of the anker would be the xiaomi pro mah that was released a few months ago as it has quick charge. Volume 10 – 56 shows – total playtime 42 hours 33 minutes.

One actor could play different parts on several different radio programs, even in a single episode, but once they were seen in a TV show their face was recognizable enough that they had a jystery time working on another show, and even a twenty-second appearance meant hours in makeup and wardrobe. These cannot be measured with multimeters which normally measure just the average value, and require the use of an oscilloscope. Thank you for your amazing mystfry of old time radio shows.

It also allows for mhstery power efficiency in some cases, by allowing the device to control the input voltage in QC3. When operated with a regular 5v 2A charger, it can be seen that the initial current peak slightly exceeds 2A, as the power bank tries to determine just how much current is available.


Review, Teardown: Anker PowerCore+ 10050 (A1310) QC2.0 Power Bank

Test instrumentation include the Keithley Model 5. As it turns out, the whole Qualcomm QC system is another form of charger-and-device negotiation. The item is boxed in a matte finish colour thin cardboard box printed in duotone sky blue and black, consistent with their other products. Volume 6 – 56 shows – total playtime 41 hours 11 minutes. This particular IC is a QC3.

Just wanted your thoughts of this power bank compared to the xiaomi you review previously.

Discharge Voltage Profile The accuracy of the output voltage as a function of current loading and time is graphed above. The internal build quality from a teardown shows some minor deficiencies in its design and construction mysstery.

I first heard the program in late August of ’74 and on the last night of my Summer vacation in Cheyenne Wyoming Warren Airforce Base I slept out under the stars that night, by myself as I had enough of my “cousins” and they had surely had enough of me!

I suppose this is what their internal short circuit protection is and gives additional peace mysteryy mind that the internal parts are not likely to ever short out on the msytery casing. The charge terminates at about 5 hours and 47 minutes using a regular chargerat a current of about mA.